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How To Weigh Yourself At Home

80% of people fail to maintain their health goals. FitTrack scales are a simple and effective solution to stay motivated. Measure, track, and trend your body vitals over time with 17 Health Measurements at the comfort of your fingertips.

Step 1: Schedule an appointment for an EKG (if normal EKG - proceed to Step 2)

Step 2: Purchase a FitTrack Scale

Step 3: Upload FitTrack data to the office (TBD)

Step 4: Pay monthly due and RX will be sent to pharmacy once your provider reviews the data

Step 5: Continue losing or maintaining your weight

Order FitTrack Here - Website

Order FitTrack Here - Amazon

What is medical weight loss?

Let’s first talk about what it is not…

Medical weight loss is not surgery or diet pills. It is weight management based on medical scientific evidence that targets the root causes of obesity and weight gain. Trained doctors or medical providers provide the treatment and guidance necessary to help you achieve weight loss and maintain it for life.

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