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Healow TeleVisits — Now Even Easier!

We are excited to announce that patients can now quickly and easily connect to their TeleVisit directly from a text message.

No download or login required!​

Patients can connect in 3 easy steps from their phone

1. Patient opens the email or text and clicks on the link provided.

2. Patient fills out and submits the questionnaire and vitals.

3. Start the TeleVisit!

Encuéntranos vía el "Practice Code" - GHHEAA

Paso 1 - Precione "Get Started"

Paso 2 - Entrar "Practice Name" (Salud Medical) o Entrar "Practice Code" (GHHEAA), nos puedes encontrar de cualquier manera. Dirección indicada es 2494 Wiiliamsbridge Road, Bronx, NY 10469

Paso 3 - Selecciona la ubicación correcta

Paso 4 - Completa inscripción "Complete Enrollment"

Una vez que su cuenta esté activa, la sección "Appointments" será resaltado en rojo si usted tiene una pendiente cita sobre "TeleVisit":

1. Seleccione "Appointments"

2. El nombre de su proveedor, hora y fecha y el icono "TeleVisit" estaré ahí

3. Precione "Start TeleVisit" (en el fondo de la pagina)

4. Precione "Start TeleVisit" una vez mas

5. Ya verás: Waiting for "Provider Name to join"

Ahora estás en nuestra sala de espera virtual! Nosotras estaremos contigo en breve.

Find us via our Practice Code - GHHEAA

Step 1 - Get Started

Step 2 - Enter Practice Name "Salud Medical" or Enter Practice Code "GHHEAA, you can find us either way. Address listed is 2494 Wiiliamsbridge Road, Bronx, NY 10469

Step 3 - Select the correct location

Step 4 - Complete Enrollment

Once your account is active, The "Appointments" section will be highlighted in red if you have a pending TeleVisit scheduled:

1. Select Appointments

2. The name of your provider, time and date and TeleVisit icon will be there

3. Start TeleVisit (at the bottom)

4. Start TeleVisit - one more time

5. You will see: Waiting for "Provider Name to join"

You are now in our virtual waiting room! We will be with you shortly.

A Leader in TELEHEALTH Medicine

Dear Patients,

As a reliable medical office it is critical to deliver patient care. Our business is built upon this philosophy and we are acutely aware of this, during this time of heightened concern for human health and patient safety. As the situation with coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to develop, continuity of care for our patients continues to be our highest priority.

At this time, Our Business Continuity Plan has been activated. This plan is designed to ensure ongoing patient care without interruption. In order to effectively minimize risks to our staff and patients, we will close our office and limit appointments for patients with Cardiac Diseases until further notice. We do have the capabilities to continue to care for our patients via TeleHealth Medicine. At this time, you can get access to your provider via video chat by activating your account and downloading the Healow App from your phone or via the web browser. We ask that you call the office for more information regarding TeleHealth set up. In regards to referrals, they will be taken care of when medically necessary.

We will continue to promote health and safety for those that are most vulnerable to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

For additional information, feel free to call the office at 718.652.1802.

Thank you for understanding,

Dr. Alan Diaz, Dr. Realba Rodriguez & SALUD Medical Staff

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